Gingival Recontouring

What is gingival recontouring?

The optimal smile reveals the least amount of gum tissue. Gingival recontouring is used to decrease the amount of gum that is shown when you smile or if your gums are uneven when you smile. Dr. Tom provides gum recontouring for all of his cosmetic dentistry patients when needed. For this procedure, he uses an advanced laser (Biolase), which is quick and painless. Also, the healing process is speedy.

Why would I need Gingival Recontouring

  • If your gums are uneven when you smile
  • If you have to much gum tissue when you smile
  • If you are receiving cosmetic veneers or crowns and the gum tissue is not in line with the upper lip
  • If a crown is being placed and excess gum tissue needs to be removed (crown lengthening)

How do I know if I need a gingival recontouring?

Ask Dr. Tom! He and his excellent staff can let you know if recontouring will work for you! By performing a laser gum treatment, Dr. Tom is able to redefine your gum line and the line of your smile to enhance the appearance of your whole face.

What to Expect from a Implant procedure

  1. A typical Gingival recontouring procedure can be done in 1 visit, typically in conjunction with other procedures such as custom-designed veneers.
  2. The results are instant and healing will occur in only a few days. Your smile will show more teeth, have symmetry, and follow the contours of your face!

Don’t let your gums outshine your smile! Call Dr. Tom today for a consultation and find out if you are the perfect candidate for gingival re-contouring.

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