Operation Gratitude was started as a grassroots movement in 2003 and has grown from a small volunteer organization to a national group responsible for sending more than 300,000 individually addressed care packages to military personnel deployed abroad, their families at home, and to Veterans and their caregivers. Each package contains hygiene products, entertainment, and personal thank-you letters written by people all over the United States…and a handful of candy!

You might wonder how a dental office comes into all this. Every year, Sardina Dental Group supports our troops by helping to collect the candy that will accompany each of these special packages through our Candy Buy-Back program. For the week after Halloween, we pay local children a dollar for every pound of candy they bring into the office. This year, we collected a record total of 650 lbs! To see more photos of this event, and to admire everyone’s costumes, check out our Facebook Page.

And bring us your candy next Halloween, so that together, we can set a NEW record!

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